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Chronic Reversed Polarity, a disease of the physical electrical system, which can change the way the body, is capable of dealing with immunity, mentality and general overall condition. Disease begins in the strangest way. Some of us are born into this condition. We acquire it from our parents. Some of us acquire it from our job, our lifestyle, our passions, or just plain living in today's world.


A shift in the polarity of the body that changes the way electrical conduction flows through the cells. Our body has a north and South Pole, just as the earth does. When something causes a shift in our system, (usually a traumatic or stressful event in one's life) our axis also changes, thus your poles have reversed and your body cannot operate in the most perfect way.


The most common symptoms are generally fatigue, even after a good night's sleep, or difficulty sleeping, inability to focus or short term memory loss, depression or anxiety, numbness and pain in the extremities, frequent illness, allergies, addictions and in some cases just a general feeling of "not being well." One may only have one of these symptoms and be in CRP, as we are all very unique and this condition will attack the body in the area of weakness, therefore it has been very difficult to pinpoint the condition in the past as there are no set of symptoms that apply to the condition. A simple case of allergies can be the initial signs of CRP.

"These are the initial warning signs"

Most people have advanced way past this stage before realizing their health is declining and not able to find a solution as CRP is a silent condition that sits 'in waiting.'

Keith Smith, the Founder of Chronic Reversed Polarity is a Master Herbalist, Master Nutritionist & Rayid Master. His interest in healing is first and foremost in healthcare along with an interest in Herbs and other non - traditional methods of healing. Keith studied with the legendary Bernard Jensen, D.C. in iridology (the reading of the iris). He then furthered his studies with Dr Christopher, one of Americas foremost Herbalist graduating from Dominion Herbal College of Canada.

An insidious silent condition that we all need to be free of!

CRP could be the underlying cause behind all major illness.

The word 'insidious' means to come from inside, ambush, to sit in, awaiting a chance to entrap, and treacherous harmful but enticing and seductive, having a gradual and cumulative effect developing so gradually as to be well established before becoming apparent. For those who have been diagnosed with this condition understand this theory very well. Unknowingly their bodies have set about a condition that gradually decreases ones' quality of life, often leading to major illness and disease - in many cases, life threatening. Many say that they are so 'relieved' once diagnosed with CRP to actually find out what is going on as they were at the point where they just felt they could no longer continue the way they were - having tried virtually everything to find a better state of health and well-being. CRP starts with bouts of fatigue - this is often overlooked in the beginning but once diagnosed it becomes obvious when the condition took its hold and began it's silent treachery against the physical and emotional body. If one has ever suffered from fatigue in any form then it would be wise to be tested for this condition and if shown to be in CRP take the opportunity to reverse the condition and halt it's progress, thus allowing the body to return to a normal healthy state once out of CRP. 

Prior to Keith's time studying with the master herbalist Keith had been diagnosed with leukemia and told that he only had six months to live. Keith was given a death sentence yet walked away from it healthier than he had even been in his life. That was over 20 years ago. Keith explains that the master herbalist shared with him in his belief that God put herbs on the planet to assist humans to have optimal health, stating they were the first medicine and still are best form of medicine available. The treatment involved working on strengthening the immune system. This involved rest, proper nutrition and herbal treatments. Keith explains that prior to that he had lived on "junk food" so there were many changes he had to make. He believes in the theory of "you are what you eat." The herbal program, change of diet and lifestyle was soon to be all the proof that Keith needed.

This involved fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, "live foods" & vegetable juices. No more cola, changing to organic foods in order to eliminate the amount of pesticides ingested. With the body having a limited amount of energy already and having to work harder to process junk food the fight against leukemia was almost an impossible task. It was a time for dramatic and life changing patterns to be set into motion. By eliminating the body's workload and feeding it on life giving nutrients, food and herbs the body was then able to heal itself of the leukemia. Keith believes that the herbal treatments were a vital part of the treatment as they are highly concentrated foods, assisting in boosting the immune system to allow it to fight off and eventually heal the leukemia. Consequently Keith's Leukemia was cured without the benefit of Surgery, Chemotherapy or radiation.

Keith has now been a practicing Natural Health Provider for over 25 years. In his practice, The School of Healing Arts in San Diego, Escondido, California Keith soon discovered that he had a talent for assisting people with chronic and long-standing problems who have exhausted every other avenue, both traditional and non-traditional. This has led to Keith treating people worldwide for cases such as chronic fatigue and many other chronic and mysterious conditions. On choosing the correct alternatives and working on the initial cause in the physical/emotional body, hundreds of people have found their way back to a healthy state of being.

Keith has success with almost all clients that stay on the program.

Keith is now one of the foremost herbalists today in alternative and energetic healing. His work on Chronic Reversed polarity spans the globe in new horizons of hope for many. With well over 25 years of experience. Keith found himself specializing in the successful treatment of the condition of Chronic Fatigue. He had discovered that a client that he was treating had all of the symptoms of chronic fatigue. Keith began testing him with muscle testing to discover that everything he tested him on that should have made him stronger was in fact making him weaker. From his vast experience he know that when this occurred it had to be related to the body's electro-magnetic field, known as the "switch circuit."  This condition was only ever thought to be tempory, but what Keith in fact discovered in this case that it was a chronic or long standing condition that he could not come out of on his own - hence the reason he could not get well no matter what he did.

He explains that scientists today know that everything on our planet has an electromagnetic field. Basically whenever there is a flow of electricity a magnetic field is created. Whenever you have a magnetic field, you have a "magnet" and a magnet has a north and South Pole. The physical body is a self-contained, self-generating electrical system. If, for example, you stress a magnet by banging it hard on the pavement, you can actually reverse the polarity of the magnet and the north and the south poles actually reverse. It is still a magnet but certainly not how nature intended it to be with its poles reversed. People are magnetic by nature also and they too when reversed no longer can function at optimal levels. Once the polarity has been reversed and remains that way this leaves the body in a vulnerable position where it finds it more and more difficult to restore, balance and harmonize properly. When a car battery's polarity is reversed it simply dies and does work, but the body being a self generating system continues to generate on a very low level, as Keith refers to as "being on dim."

When asked, what is the major cause behind reverse polarity, Keith clearly states that stress is the major factor. Situations like divorce, long and extended periods of trauma, loss of employment, moving house, anything that creates a large amount of trauma for a person leaves them open to long term fatigue and exhaustion caused by the stress. As it is magnetic by nature once in this condition it may seems that a person may seem to find themselves in a pattern where there is long standing depression, addictive behaviors, and long periods of bad luck. People often feel as if they difficult times that they are not able to rise above. Keith has discovered that people when they get in this condition due to their behavior type, fight harder and in fact by doing so become more and more fatigued. The body in its own infinite wisdom will develop a disease in order to slow it down. The disease could be chronic fatigue syndrome or any number of diseases depending on the individual's weakness. There are an increasing number of new autoimmune diseases surfacing every day that remain a mystery to the medical profession. These are the cases that Keith is having results with by energetically restoring the body's ability to hold the energy it requires to heal.

He then started to test all of his clients to see if their "switch circuit" was on "dim" as he calls it. He found that all people with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and many auto - immune diseases and even all people with cancer were found to be switched. For over ten years now Keith has been treating his clients for the condition of chronic reversed polarity not the specific condition with outstanding results. What he has found is that once the body's electrical system is corrected that often and in many cases the diseases subside and even disappear. In Keith's words, the body does not have the ability to rebalance and harmonize itself when it is in the condition known as "switched." Depending on how each individual reacts determines how chronic the condition may become. He explains that people who are switched who are constantly cleaning out there bodies whilst reversed are actually cleaning their bodies out and making them more and more sensitive to the environment. Some people have developed allergies and conditions that make it impossible to live a normal life developing chemical sensitivities that become intolerable and untreatable.

Keith explains that as a child, various situations can cause anger and resentment that cause you to take on a victim's role or a self defeating role, or a too hard on one self role and so it goes on. As many of us know through our own personal experience, we attract the lessons we need to learn from. If we take on a victim role, he guarantees that your life will continue to provide you with situation after situation where you have the role of a victim. This will continue until you master the lesson. If you are not able to master it, the odds are it will destroy the body though cancer or some other disease usually where there is a specific weakness in the body. The disease is the result of the anger or resentment and the body is forced to store it each time the lesson is triggered. By treating the reverse polarity, it is important to realize that these underlying emotional triggers will surface to be dealt with. It is then that one needs to have an awareness and understanding of this process to enable the person to fully embrace the underlying emotional condition and allow for the release and healing both emotionally and physically to allow for a disease free mind and body.

This is crucial part of the healing process.

Keith is very adamant about embracing this part of the healing process emotionally.

Keith goes on to explain that the most "incurable diseases" are autoimmune diseases. They occur when the immune system is some how mysteriously triggered into destroying the body rather than preserving it. Imagine that the immune system is powered by electricity.  If the signal to that is reversed what do you think may occur? In an article in the Merck manual discussing a disease where the spleen begins to destroy the red blood cells. The known medical cure is to remove the spleen, which slows down the destruction of the red blood cells. This article went on to explain that when this disease occurs, mysteriously the red cells take on an opposite electrical charge. From Keith's experiences, he has never seen anyone with an autoimmune disease that did not have reverse polarity. Therefore if the polarity is reversed and the red cells have taken on an opposite charge - then what if the spleen recognizes red blood cells by their electrical charge or signal? If the cells have taken on an opposite charge and the spleen doesn't recognize it, then it will naturally destroy them as the enemy. The way Keith sees it the problem would then not be the spleen but indeed the reversed polarity. Once he puts clients on the reverse polarity program their autoimmune disease quite often disappears.

Keith has devised a specific herbal formula that involves taking up to 24 herbs daily until the polarity is reversed. The herbal formula acts as a very high electrical charge to the body working on the immune and central nervous system. At first most people feel very tired on the program which is the body slowing down to get back on track. Keith often refers to Chronic Reverse Polarity being like a runaway train that has switched tracks and is on a roller coast road to self-destruction gathering speed as it goes on. He then suggests that the herbal treatment is designed to slow down the body and switch it back on track bringing it back on track to wellness and health. The process can take as little as two months it depends on each individual, in cases where the person has been switched for many years it can take a lot longer to get back on track, once again this depends on each individual as each person is different, has different emotional issues and requires that individual attention that will assist them in gaining back their health. Once the body is out of reverse it then has the ability to quickly. The herbal program also plays a vital role in raising one's consciousness levels acting as a dual healing process. Whilst in reverse nothing seems to work. The body does not readily absorb minerals, vitamins, food, water and the nutrients that it requires; therefore treatments can be ineffective and in fact may create even greater problems.

Kryon Book VI, Partnering With God

Published in mid 1999, this eighth book from Lee Carroll and Jan Tober is about a subject, who received more mail than any other after the release of Kryon Book VI, Partnering With God. Chapter 7 of that Kryon book spoke of the spiritual evolution of the new children of the "indigo" colour.

The Indigo Child is a boy or girl who displays a new and unusual set of psychological attributes, revealing a pattern of behavior generally undocumented before. This pattern has singularly unique factors that call for parents and teachers to change their treatment and upbringing of these kids to assist them in achieving balance and harmony in their lives, and to help them avoid frustration.

In this groundbreaking book, Lee and Jan answer many of the often-puzzling questions surrounding Indigo Children.

Can we really be seeing human evolution in kids today?

Are these kids smarter than we were at their age?

How come a lot of our children today seem to be "system busters"?

Why are so many of our brightest kids being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder? Are there proven working alternatives to Ritalin?

Keith wrote an article in the book, The Indigo Children relating to how his treatment became a solution to children suffering from ADD & ADHD.


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Color Therapist Sheryl Lynn met Master Herbalist Keith Smith when they were both guest lecturers at Steve and Barbara Rother's Master Facilitator Intensive in 2001. But it nearly didn't happen. Sheryl was recovering from a massive immune system crash, and Keith almost cancelled his trip the week before. Sheryl's health and life were forever changed after meeting Keith and embarking on his program to correct her system's electrical imbalance, also called Chronic Reversed Polarity. She became Keith's student and practitioner, using his program to help others, and she became one of Keith's targeted 2000 lightworkers to raise their individual vibration to 500+ according to the Sir Dr. David Hawkins' Scale of Consciousness to assist humanity in the ascension process. And nearly eight years after their meeting, Sheryl and Keith have again united to teach, this time via Sheryl's radio show. 

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